Jaden Smith Suicide Rumors: Is Fame The Reason Why Will Smith’s Son Wants To Disappear?

Jaden Smith Suicide Rumors: Is Fame The Reason Why Will Smith’s Son Wants To Disappear?

Jaden Smith has been in the news headlines these days. He was reportedly gunned down. Another report says he committed suicide because he cannot accept that his girlfriend cheated on him. Sarah Snyder allegedly slept with her ex-boyfriend, Gunner Stahl.


The Smiths debunked all the rumors. The “After Earth” actor and his girl are doing fine. In fact, they were spotted in New York shopping and had PDA sessions in public.

Morning Ledger reported that the actor seems to have authored his own death news. He might want to see the effect of his demise on the public.

The “Karate Kid” actor was quoted saying that he wants to disappear when he reaches the age of 30. He was tired of being in the limelight. He started acting when he was a young boy. His parents were also one of Hollywood’s interesting couples.

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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s son wants to change the world. According to him, he wants to fix the whole planet when he exits from show business. What did Jaden Smith saw in the world that he wants to fix it? Young as he is, he already knows things that teens his age do not know. He already knows what he wants to do with his life.

His father reveals that his son is 100% fearless. The young boy was developed by his parents to try being on the edge. He and his sister Willow Smith were encouraged to do things despite other people’s disapproval.

This has resulted to his unusual decisions like when he modeled women’s skirts for Louis Vuitton. Movie News Guide reported that he also attended a prom in a Batman costume and likening himself to Galileo.

Will Jaden Smith make a difference in the world? Hopefully, he will.

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