Jaden Smith Disturbed? Will Smith Son Suicidal & Wants To Hunt UFOs?

Jaden Smith Disturbed? Will Smith Son Suicidal & Wants To Hunt UFOs?
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Jaden Smith is fueling rumors that he is disturbed as he has been vocal of his belief on UFOs. Rumors also have it that Will Smith’s son has suicidal tendencies.


In his appearance for “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon where Jaden Smith and Jimmy Fallon were talking about their upcoming Smith vacation, he hinted interest in going to the outing if they will include Area 51 in their itinerary.

Area 51, located in Nevada, is said to be a notorious UFO hot spot, and is a restricted U.S. government site.

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He said he is “all for” the Smith family vacation if they will go to Area 51 to “try to see some UFOs.”

In Will Smith’s own appearance in the talk show, the Suicide Squad actor revealed their plan of going from New York to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Jimmy Fallon even insisted if he can tag along with them.

Jaden Smith has been airing his belief in UFOs for years now, which started in a tweet some time in 2011.

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He said, “Aliens Are Real…………….#Btw.” In another tweet, he added the word “UFO”

Meanwhile, Jaden Smith is the latest victim of an internet hoax which spread news that he is dead. The young actor was believed to have committed suicide, Chron said in a report.

However, his father Will Smith made sure the hoax is debunked when he went to the premiere of Suicide Squad with his 18-year-old son.

But for all the rumors to start, why suicide? Did the hoax starters firmly believe the youngster, with his beliefs on the unknown, has some suicidal tendencies?

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The father-and-son went to the New York City premiere of the hit movie last week.

In midst of the death rumors that surround the Pursuit of Happiness actor, Jaden Smith is also hit with reports that he and girlfriend Sara Snyder have called it quits.

Sarah Snyder allegedly cheated on him with Atlanta photographer Gunner Stahl whom she was spotted in bed with.

On the other hand, Jaden Smith was spotted with a mystery blond woman on his birthday last month, The Daily Star said.

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  • Jason P

    Yea they are real. Its embarrassing, that people living on this ball flying through space, can not except the notion of higher life than us.

  • Jason P
  • Michael Anthony Dennique

    I see nothing wrong with Jaden Smith. So what if he is allegedly interested in UFO’s, AS so do I further more if Jaden Smith has allegedly suicidal thoughts I’m more than certain Will and his wife are taking every measure to help treat this condition as I do as well. Mental health is seen in a negative light but when diagnosed the treated the outcome is very positive.