Jackie Vandagriff Dismembered, Burned: Facts About Student From Texas Woman’s University

Jackie Vandagriff Dismembered, Burned: Facts About Student From Texas Woman’s University
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A student from Texas Woman’s University, 24-year-old Jackie Vandagriff from Frisco, was found dead in a Grapevine park last week. Her burnt body was discovered by the police last Wednesday morning.


“The body appears to have been set on fire, and the body has some degree of dismemberment,” Grapevine Police Sgt. Robert Eberling reported last week.

According to NBC5, Charles Dean Bryant, 30, was taken into custody on Sunday afternoon near his house in Fort Worth in connection with the murder of Vandagriff. The accused has been charged with capital murder and is being held on a $1 million bond, as reported by law enforcement officers.

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Police informed that last week, the 24-year-old student came out of a Denton bar with Bryant around 11 p.m. Her corpse was discovered the next morning around 6:30 a.m.

“We have video of them at a bar together,” Eberling said.

“And we were able to talk to employees of that bar and they gave us a name of a suspect, and we just followed the trail from there.”

Vandagriff was studying nutrition at at Texas Woman’s University. A statement released by the university says that the murdered girl upheld the spirit of learning and service, which acted as the hallmark of the TWU community. The statement also says that she lived her life with an intense need to aid others through her interest in nutrition.

Vandagriff also worked at Sambuca 360 as a cocktail waitress, said WFAA8.

The most intriguing part of the case was a Twitter post made by someone a day after the body of the girl was found. Another tweet was posted a day before her body was discovered. Police are investigating the tweets.

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