J.J. Abrams Describes One ‘Alias’ Actress As A ‘Disaster’ And ‘Horrible’

J.J. Abrams Describes One ‘Alias’ Actress As A ‘Disaster’ And ‘Horrible’
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Well-respected director J.J. Abrams dropped a bomb about an actress he worked in “Alias.” According to him, the actress was a “disaster.”


While talking to Chris Rock at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday, the 49-year-old director of “Star Wars” disclosed that he even discouraged someone from getting this particular actress for another project, according to Fox News. She did not name who this actress is.

Accordingly, these comments of the director stemmed from what was observed on the set. “There was one time on ‘Alias’ an actress who will remain unnamed who came in and she was … very rude to people and literally a couple people on the crew cried,” J.J. Abrams revealed.

With what happened, he then recommended to a friend who called him up not to hire the unnamed actress. “A couple weeks later after she was done, I got a call about her,” he said. “Some producer wanted her maybe for this other project and I said, ‘You cannot hire this person. She was a disaster. She was horrible,'” she explained.

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He further narrated that the one who called him up even thanked him for what he shared about the “Alias” actress “He said, ‘Thank you very much,'” he added. “Didn’t hire her.”

However, such comments of the director did not sit well with actress that she was reportedly fuming mad when speaking to J.J. Abrams on the phone. “She’s like, ‘I’ve heard that you said don’t hire me to this producer’ and I said, ‘You were a disaster! What are you talking about?’” he recalled.

Who could that actress be? Per Fox News, among the popular guest stars of the fifth season of “Alias” were Faye Dunaway, Angela Bassett and Vivica A. Fox.

In the meantime, the director seemed to have dropped some clues as to who the parents of Rey (Daisy Ridley) of the next installment of “Star Wars” are during Tribeca event, reported New York Times.“Rey’s parents are not in Episode VII,” J.J. Abrams said, which might have debunked speculations that Luke Skywalker is her father.

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