Ivanka Trump & Chelsea Clinton Friendship: What Happens After Republican National Convention?

Ivanka Trump & Chelsea Clinton Friendship: What Happens After Republican National Convention?
Ivanka Trump Marc Nozell / Flickr CC

Ivanka Trump is considered one of the most powerful advisers of Donald Trump who can persuade him to recruit or sack someone. Currently, she is playing the role of one of Trump’s most influential surrogates in this election.


According to NPR, Ivanka Trump made a speech about her father at the Republican National Congress. She said that it has been more than a year since the Republican nominee had become “the people’s champion.”

“This is the moment and Donald Trump is the person to make America great again,” she said.

However, the question still lingers regarding the friendship between Trump’s daughter and Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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It was January 2016 when Chelsea Clinton revealed that she and the Republican nominee’s daughter are friends. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she said she is “absolutely friends” with Trump’s daughter. She went on to say that she would always believe friendship is more important than politics, because that is how her parents had raised her.

“And we were friends before the campaign and I have no doubt that we’ll be friends after the campaign.” Chelsea said.

“But no, we don’t talk about politics, because that’s not where our friendship began and it’s certainly, thankfully, not where our friendship will end.”

But now that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are on their way to a massive political collision in November, the friendship between the two daughters has been put on a temporary hold.

According to Politico, the two had a budding friendship. Sources close to them said that they are friends who see each other for dinner a few times a year. However, the two did not comment on their status when the publication reached out to them recently.

On April 2016, it appeared that their friendship had gone sour. It was reported by NY Post that Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump were on the verge of taking a break from going out with each other.

“They basically have to put their friendship on pause because their parents are ripping each other to shreds,” said the source.

“The hard part is that Chelsea and Ivanka were friends.”

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