It’s ISIS vs The Taliban Now: Two Women, One Child Beheaded

It’s ISIS vs The Taliban Now: Two Women, One Child Beheaded
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The ISIS is taking advantage of the split that happened within the Taliban in Afghanistan. The terrorist group is said to be raiding the region and recruiting Taliban members who deject the current leadership.


As a result, the local government is clueless as to which terrorist organization should be held liable for the beheading of two women and one child from the Hazara, a religious minority.

A high-ranking intelligence official, who has spoken with NBC News on condition of anonymity, said that Taliban broke apart because of differing opinions involving peace talks. “The more you push the Taliban, the more split they will get about joining up with ISIS or talking,” the unnamed official said.

The Taliban officially announced its split on Nov. 2 when a dissident group announced a new leader. When the group’s longtime leader Mullah Omar died in July, his deputy, Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor, claimed power. Members opposed this and factions emerged. Early this month, the breakaway group announced it has separated and chose Commander Mullah Mohammad Rasool Akhund as their new leader.

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On Monday, NDTV reported that local officials in Zabul province of Afghanistan found headless bodies of four men, two women and one child. The victims were kidnapped by unidentified men in October. Authorities were left clueless whether to blame the beheading to the ISIS in the province or the breakaway group of the Taliban or the Taliban themselves. “We are not sure who beheaded them, but they were abducted … by foreign militants loyal to Daesh [ISIS],” Deputy Governer Massoud Bakhtawar told NBC News.

Both of the ISIS and the Taliban wanted strict interpretation and implementation of Sharia or Islamic Law. However, Afghna President Ashraf Ghani condemned beheading and killings of religious minority. “The heartless killing of innocent individuals, especially women and children, has no justification in any religion or creed,” the president said as quoted by NDTV.