Israel Will Fight Anti-Israeli Lies, Says Netanyahu On Receipt Of Gaza War Report

Israel Will Fight Anti-Israeli Lies, Says Netanyahu On Receipt Of Gaza War Report
Flag of Israel Zachi Evenor / Flickrcc by 2.0
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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at Sunday’s cabinet meeting, upon receiving an inter-ministerial report over last summer’s Operation Protective Edge In Gaza, that Israel will work in all possible ways to fight the anti-Israeli lies.


The timing of the release of the report is to preempt the UN Human’s rights Council report on the Gaza operation that’s expected to be released this week.

The report, which has been in work for long, was made public by the foreign ministry this afternoon.

“This presents the true fact that the actions carried out by the IDF were done in accordance to international law,” said Netanyahu, describing the Israeli report.

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The Israeli Prime-Minister clarified that the operation was carried out to defend the Israeli citizens from the attack of a terrorist outfit.

“Israel and the IDF are committed to the rules of international law even when fighting terrorist organizations that intentionally violated those rules,” he said, pointing out the terrorist organization was carrying out dual war crime: firing indiscriminately on Israeli citizens while hiding behind their own citizens.

Netanyahu clarified that his commitments flow from the fact that “Israel is a democratic, moral state that acts in accordance to international law.”

The report was originally scheduled to be released in March but was postponed when the UN report was postponed with the commission’s head, William Schabas, being forced to step down following the revelation that he had a brief stint as a paid consultant of the PLO in 2012.

The UNHRC report is expected to be the basis of any war crimes committed by Palestine against Israel.

Israel refused to cooperate with the UN probe, charging the commission’s process is like a kangaroo court, whose conclusions are determined prior to start of the investigations.