Israel Emerges As World’s 8th Most Powerful Country

Israel Emerges As World’s 8th Most Powerful Country
Photo Credit: hoyasmeg via Compfight cc
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This year, Wharton University has ranked Israel as the eighth most powerful country in the world.


The recent distinction from the prestigious university came amid criticisms being thrown at Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his foreign policies, as reported by Ynetnews. The ranking was bared on this year’s list of “Best Countries in the World” survey conducted by Wharton and its partner news agency, US News.

In the report from Ynetnews, Netanyahu slammed his detractors’ criticisms of his foreign policy, saying that his efforts have already paid off. He boasted that it’s the international community that recognizes his effort. Countries that made it to the list of the most powerful countries were judged in areas such as military power, international alliances, economic influence and political influence.

“Israel was ranked as the number eight world power in the world based on three things: Military power, international influence and, notice how they put it – international alliances. I didn’t choose to say it, they did. They rank us for our international power and our international alliances,” Netanyahu was quoted as saying by Ynetnews.

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Topping the list is United States, followed by Russia; China trails behind. Germany ranks fourth, while Britain rounds up the top five list. Netanhayu pointed out that Israel would continue its effort to strengthen international alliance and local campaign to de-legitimize the country.

The report, however, shows that Israel ranks 25th on overall rankings on Wharton’s list of the world’s best countries.

Netanhayu said that U.S. vice president Joe Biden is set to visit Israel soon. This, according to the prime minister, is an indication that the country’s relationship with other powerful countries remains firm. Apart from its relationship with the U.S., Israel’s ties with other countries in Asia and the Middle East are relatively healthy.