ISIS Warns US Military Personnel Will Be Beheaded At Their Homes

ISIS Warns US Military Personnel Will Be Beheaded At Their Homes
060810-F-1644L-011 U.S. Army / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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The ISIS has warned this week that its members will conduct lone wolf attacks at the very home of U.S. military personnel whom they identified as targets. The group said that beheadings will take place “soon, very soon.”


ISIS hack U.S. military personnel’s personal information

CNN reported that people claiming to be members of the Islamic State Hacking Division were able to access personal information of 1,400 U.S. military personnel. Those whose information were obtained are now the “targets” for ISIS future vengeance. Speaking with CNN, Matthew Levitt from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy said that he believes the group is calling for the participation of lone wolves in order to conduct attack in the United States.

This belief was confirmed by members of the purported Islamic State Hacking Division to TheBlaze. The group had communicated through a representative via the messenger app Kik.

“Just like they spy on muslims, we are spying on them, watching their employees, watching their soldiers, recording their movements and taking their location information and passing it on to the soldiers of the islamic state,” the representative told TheBlaze.

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“They have no security just like their employees and military personnel have no OpSec. They are people who like to brag and boast and this is to our advantage,” the representative said, speaking about the so called “targets.”

“The brothers don’t need to attack them in military bases or secured buildings. they can now turn up in their houses. in their homes. this is war, what did you expect? u think u can bomb the islamic state and we don’t do nothing back? soon, very soon you will see,” the representative revealed.

Asked how the ISIS is planning to conduct the attack, the representative issued a chilling warning, saying “you will see when US military and government personnel start getting beheaded in their homes.”

This is actually the second time that the ISIS had released its list of targets. Morning News USA reported in March that the group released its hit list, with warnings that attack will be launched soon.

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FBI and Pentagon are both investigating

Both the FBI and Pentagon confirmed to TheBlaze and CNN that they are now looking into the alleged hacking. CNN had obtained the list of the addresses of the said “targets” and noted that most of the information were already obsolete.

CNN was able to contact two of the persons on the list. The person who refused to be identified confirmed to CNN that he used to work for the military and had previously received warning from the Pentagon about the alleged ISIS hacking. Another person on the list, contacted by CNN through email, said she is a government employee and had already been warned by Pentagon about being on the list.

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