ISIS Video Shows Children Training for Terrorism

ISIS Video Shows Children Training for Terrorism
Image from Flickr by Enrique Céspedes
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Image from Flickr by Enrique Céspedes

The ISIS has released a video showing kids as young as five-years-old being trained to be the next generation of terrorists. The video shows children undergoing drills and narrating Koran verses.


Children of Foreign Fighters

A close look at the 9-minute video reveals that the children undergoing the ISIS indoctrination are of foreign blood. FOX News reported the possibility that they are the children of foreign ISIS members from around the world.

The children are seen wearing black turbans associated with ISIS. According to an Arabic instructor, their second phase of training has begun. They are seen chanting Koran verses while an Arabic music plays in the background. A part of the video shows them kneeling in front of a trainer holding a pair of rifles.

According to the report from FOX News, the video was recorded at a military training site, the Al Farouk Institute for Cubs, located in Raqqa, Syria. The report noted that “there is little laughter” among the children even during meal time.

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Call for a Lasting Defeat

“A combined diplomatic and military effort” is needed to achieve a lasting defeat of the ISIS, Pentagon Defense Secretary Ash Carter told press on Feb 23. He was speaking at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait following a conference with ambassadors and senior U.S. and regional military leaders.

According to Carter, such efforts are first on the list of steps necessary to defeat the terrorist group permanently. The subject was the highlight of a discussion he had with attendees of the conference in Kuwait.

Carter also highlighted the combined effort of the nation participating in the US-led coalition against the ISIS is of great strength. However, it is necessary “to leverage further the individual contributions of each” of these nations.

Carter also said that in order to achieve a lasting defeat of the barbaric group, the ramifications of ISIS in other regions across the world should also be addressed, not to mention their use of social media platforms to spread propaganda, which should serve as a challenge for U.S. to be more creative in fighting in the “information dimension as well as the physical dimension.”