Isis Thomas: Facebook Blocked Her Account, Here’s Why

Isis Thomas: Facebook Blocked Her Account, Here’s Why
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Isis Thomas, a woman from Bristol, has been banned from Facebook after the company started a crackdown program against jihadists using the site.


On Monday, the 27-year-old woman was trying to to log into her profile when Facebook suddenly asked her to change her name.

The entire ordeal is being linked to ISIS, a radical Islamic terrorist faction. They operate in the Middle East and are also responsible for several global attacks, said The Daily Caller.

It looks like the name Isis is somewhat against Facebook’s policy. Following the incident, Facebook had requested her to provide proper identification to verify her name.

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It has been reported that the woman provided Facebook with identification. The evidence she sent proved that her name is indeed Isis.

According to The Sun, Isis Thomas was named by her mother as a tribute to the ancient Egyptian goddess, considered a great spouse and mother.

“I just tried to log in and when I did, the password went through and this box came up asking me something about changing my name,” she said.

She said that she was on Facebook as Isis Worcester. When she signed up years go, she didn’t want to use her real name because of where she worked at the time.

The day Facebook banned her, she thought it had to do something with the surname. She then changed it to Isis Thomas.

However, changing the surname didn’t work. It was after this when she realized that they had a problem with her first name.

“I checked out other times this has happened, and found a woman called Isis who had to start a Twitter campaign because Facebook made her send in ID three times before they finally let her back on,” she said.

This wasn’t the first time she faced a problem related to her name. People had commented on Isis’s beautiful and unusual name.

Isis Thomas’ mom Sian is furious at the incident.

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