ISIS Taking Advantage Of Android For Propaganda

ISIS Taking Advantage Of Android For Propaganda
Android Lineup – Beige Rob Bulmahn / Flickr CC BY 2.0

The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) is taking advantage of the Android platform to organize terror attacks and spread propaganda, according to new reports. Specifically, the terror group has developed an Android app that allows secured communications among its members.


Ghost Security Group, a third-party counter-terrorism network, said that the company discovered an app named Alrawi that allows people to send encrypted messages. There is also another app allegedly used by the organization to recruit members and monitor the news. While the two apps, Amaq News Agency and Alwari, run on the Android, they are not accessible through the Google Play Store. Supporters of the terrorist organization are instructed to download the code of the app so they can run them on their devices.

“The Amaq Agency app is designed to distribute propaganda where their the other app they are circulating – Alrawi – has limited encrypted communications abilities,” explained a Ghost Security group spokesperson to Newsweek.

“The encryption is not as robust as what you would find coming out of a companies R&D labs but it does stand to prove that they are making efforts to encrypt their own communications to some degree. I believe it would be safe to assume that the future of ISIS online may be apps.”

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Ghost Security Group has been working to uncover and take out social media accounts related to the terror organization. The company previously claimed that ISIS was trying to recruit hackers to launch a “cyber jihad” against the United States.

“After the US drone strike against [prominent ISIS hacker] Junaid Hussain, the cyber caliphate’s effectiveness has declined dramatically and they currently pose little threat to Western society in terms of data breaches, however that is subject to change at any time,” explained the company’s spokesperson.

“The Islamic State is recruiting heavily, which opens the possibilities for them to find skilled technical individuals to carry out cyber attacks but currently we have not encountered any which we would deem as a severe threat.”