ISIS Sex Slaves Sold Like ‘Livestock’

ISIS Sex Slaves Sold Like ‘Livestock’
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Jinan, 18, a Yazidi who endured a year in captivity with the ISIS, said the terrorist group sold women sex slaves like livestock – they can be pinched, inspected, chosen on the basis of who has the larger breast or more beautiful eyes. Buyers can even haggle, she said. Those considered as the best-looking girls are reserved for the more affluent clients from Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Jinan revealed.


Jinan detailed her horrific experience in a book she personally wrote with the help of French journalist Thierry Oberle, The Express reported. In her book titled “Daesh’s Slave,” Jinan shared that ISIS fighters who want to buy sex slaves for themselves choose by circulating them, “laughing raucously, pinching our backsides.”

She remembered one buyer saying, “That one has big breasts. But I want a Yazidi with blue eyes and pale skin. Those are the best apparently. I am willing to pay the price.” At one point, the man who bought Jinan, who she identified as About Anas, explained to another buyer that “a man cannot purchase more than three women, unless he is from Syria, Turkey or a Gulf nation.” Anas further explained to his colleague that reserving the girls for these patrons “is good for business,” adding that “Saudi buyer has transport and food costs that a member of the Islamic State does not. He has a higher quota to make his purchases profitable.”

Speaking with the AFP, Jinan said her owners, who also kept other sex slaves, tortured them in an attempt to convert them to their religion. “If we refused we were beaten, chained outdoors in the sun, forced to drink water with dead mice in it. Sometimes they threatened to torture us with electricity,” she said.

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“These men are not human. They only think of death, killing. They take drugs constantly. They seek vengeance against everyone. They say that one day Islamic State will rule over the whole world,” Jinan said of her owners.

Jinan shared that she managed to escape by using a set of stolen keys. Now she is reunited with her husband and is now living in a refugee camp. She told AFP that they have no plans of going back home.

“If we go back home, there will be other genocides against us. The only solution is that we have a region to ourselves, under international protection,” Jinan told AFP.

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