ISIS Member Poses As Syrian Refugee, Lives In French Camp

ISIS Member Poses As Syrian Refugee, Lives In French Camp

French media has reported of an ISIS member slipping into France by posing as one of the Syrian refugees living in the French camp of Calais. French police force are now on the hunt for the said ISIS member who is said to be planning a terrorist attack against the UK.


According to the French newspaper, La Voix du Nord, of which story was first translated into English by by the Daily Mail, the French police is now in possession of a photo and other relevant physical marks that can identify the suspected ISIS member. Higher ranking police officers have warned that the ISIS member should be dealt with extreme caution due to violence he might create when cornered by police.

“An Islamic State combatant believed to be in Calais is being actively hunted by the authorities,” La Voix du Nord reported as translated the Daily Mail. “He left Syria at the end of August and hopes to reach Britain where he intends to commit terrorist acts… He is the subject of most wanted person notice and is considered a threat to state security,” the report reads. The suspect is also believed to have left Syria in August and travelled overland to northern France. He plans to get into the UK by sneaking aboard a ferry or Channel Tunnel, according to Daily Mail.

With this report emerging in the wakes of the influx of Syrian refugees going into Europe, it is interesting to note a report back in January published by BuzzFeed. In the report, a Syrian ISIS operative who has spoken with BuzzFeed in condition of anonymity revealed that they have planned to sneak in ISIS members into Europe via the Turkey-Syria border.

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The Syrian operative also revealed that ISIS is already covertly sending their fighters into Europe with the help of people smugglers. The ISIS members being smuggled are usually hidden in cargo ships. The smuggling of its members into the West is part of ISIS’ plan to eventually rule the world. “It’s our dream that there should be a caliphate not only in Syria but in all the world, and we will have it soon, God willing,” the Syrian operative told BuzzFeed.

The source also revealed that ISIS has already sent 4,000 fighters to Europe by sending as many as 700 members per ship. “We need to smuggle them quickly. We can’t pay for all the refugees just to have enough to send the ship,” he said.

BuzzFeed was also able to speak with the smuggler who sends people via Turkish border. The smuggler shared that he was once caught by Turkish authorities and was interrogated whether he is smuggling ISIS members. “I told them no,” the smuggler said, adding, “All the intelligence agencies around the world are following us and trying to catch us. But if someone asks me if I send fighters, I will say no, I only send refugees to help them find a better life.”

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