ISIS Kills Babies With Down’s Syndrome

ISIS Kills Babies With Down’s Syndrome
Baby gabi menashe/Flickr CC BY 2.0
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The ISIS issued a fatwa or a religious decree that authorizes its members to kill newborn babies with Down’s Syndrome. The babies were killed by lethal injection or suffocation.


The Mosul Eye found that babies, aged one week to three months, born with Down’s Syndrome were killed in Syria and Mosul. The group confirmed that ISIS was able to kill 38 babies already. Most of the babies killed who born from marriage between foreign fighters and Iraqi, Syrian and Asian women.

The Mosul Eye Facebook page was set up to reveal to the world what is happening in Mosul under the rule of the ISIS. The group said news being shared by them were coming from an independent historian inside Mosul.

“Through monitoring and following the death incidents of children with Down’s Syndrome and congenital deformities, we were able to learn that the Shar’i Board of [ISIS] issued an ‘Oral Fatwa’ to its members authorizing them to ‘kill newborn babies with Down’s Syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children,’” the group posted. The fatwa to kill the babies was issued by a Saudi judge identified as Abu Said Aljazrawi.

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News about Mosul are not easily verifiable as ISIS blocked Internet and destroyed all communication towers in the region. The group had been in control of Mosul since June 2014.

On Tuesday, the ISIS gathered men they found posting pictures and videos online about life in Mosul, NBC News reported. These were ones who were able to restore the Internet and used their social media accounts to exposed life in Mosul. More than 50 men were detained and were taken to unknown places, lawmaker Abdulraheem Al-Shimary told NBC News. Now they feared that these mean are going to be killed.

A senior Iraqi security official confirmed this. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official said the men were detained by the ISIS because they were able to reconnect Mosul to the world.

Exclusive – Mosul Eye#IAmDisabledTheCaliphWillKillMeISIL issues “Fatwa” to exterminate children with Down’s…

Posted by Mosul Eye on Sunday, December 13, 2015