ISIS Attack In Prague: Tourists Hurt, Fled For Their Lives

ISIS Attack In Prague: Tourists Hurt, Fled For Their Lives
Prague old town square panorama Estec GmbH, Billig Hotel in Prag / Wikimedia Commons cc
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Several tourists were injured in Prague when an Islamophobic group staged a fake ISIS attack on the streets.


Members from an anti-immigration movement were responsible for staging a fake ISIS attack in the middle of Prague over the weekend. Due to this, panic engulfed the European capital. The group came into the city’s center carrying an ISIS flag, wearing camouflage clothing, and armed with guns. All of them were shouting “Allahu Akbar,” according to the Express.

The police had given approval to the planned demonstration of a fake ISIS attack in the Czech capital. Shockingly, the Islamophobic group announced that they were going to carry out mock beheadings. However, right at that moment, authorities were compelled to interfere.

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It was the 48th anniversary of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, when Czech Islamophobic activists from the “Martin Konvička Initiative” tried to stage the parade at the Old Town Square in Prague on Sunday afternoon.

The members of this Czech Islamophobic group view all Muslims as terrorists. They are incapable of differentiating an ordinary Muslim and an ISIS fighter. According to them, all refugees are potential terrorists.

Before the mock event started, Czech police inspected the fake guns and saw no discrepancy in the show. However, hysteria was created due to the event.

The Martin Konvička Initiative spokesperson, Miroslav Adamec, stated that the event aimed at making people remember the activities taking place daily, several thousand kilometers from here. The spokesperson also said that these terrorist activities has reached them and is currently present in Central and Western Europe.

Blisty reported that currently, Czech police was investigating whether the event violated any law, and whether that could be classified as disseminating alarming news.

The fake ISIS attack had left multiple foreign tourists injured in the tension. The tourists thought that the blank gunshots were genuine bullets and panicked.

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