Is Zayn Malik Returning To One Direction?

Is Zayn Malik Returning To One Direction?
One Direction Eva Rinaldi / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Rumors of Zayn Malik returning to One Direction began when the boyband’s website placed the former member’s bio on one of its pages, and their official Facebook page removed the announcement of his departure.


Is Malik really returning or not?

A source who exclusively spoke with seems to have answered such question.

“Zayn is a little miffed that everyone believes he’s going to end up back with 1D,” the source told

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“The speculation bothers him. He left the group because he couldn’t handle the high-profile that came with the band in the end, and he wants to get away from all that.”

In short, if the source is to be believed, Zayn is a bit annoyed with the rumors, and no, he isn’t returning.

The confirmation may come as bad news for the band, though, because it has been reported that they began giving away free tickets for their upcoming On The Road Again tour.

The promotion ran from June 2 to 8, allowing fans to buy two tickets and get two more. A band representive denied the rumors by telling MailOnline, “This promotion was part of the Honda tour sponsorship deal. All artists offer ticket promotions for fans, so there is no story here. One Direction have phenomenally sold over 2 million concert tickets on this tour already.”

Speculations of low ticket sales were accompanied with reports that the band is taking a break after the release of their new album.

But Liam Payne spoke exclusively to OK! Online and said, “We don’t know where it’s come from we’ve got loads of stuff going on.”

“We’ve literally started the process of recording the new album there’s a whole new tour going on and there’s some really great songs.

“I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere for a while.”

  • Glyn Ruck

    I’m a great Zayn supporter. In my opinion he will never go back under the present management & touring regime. It’s not what he wants & he has made the break & is moving on. Some sort of reunion tour with short trips ~ yes maybe.

    The only problem I see is that the real money is made out of concerts & touring & not selling CD’s or downloads. The demands of solo touring are higher than with mates in a band. If Zayn is prepared to accept the drop in earnings & record for sale only like artists like Enya did then
    that’s fine. I personally can’t wait to buy his solo work. His voice is magic. I know you need a break but I hope you continue spending time in the studio Zayn! Don’t listen to the naysayers.

    One problem is that Zayn’s great strengths in life apart from maybe art are going to expose him to fairly high levels of public scrutiny. As he gets older he will probably find that easier to handle. Talking for myself 22 was a fairly sensitive age. Today I don’t care what others think.

    We would all like him back but it’s unlikely.

  • Don Zeigler

    Ugh… who except teenyboppers gives a damn about One Direction?