Is This The End Of Snezana In ‘The Bachelor Australia’?

Is This The End Of Snezana In ‘The Bachelor Australia’?
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Snezana Markoski has always been the front runner in “The Bachelor Australia” but this time it seems things are going to change. The teaser from Thursday’s episode suggests that the beauty is going to get into an argument with Sam Wood and that may lead to her departure from the show.


The dramatic teaser of the show where the 35-year-old mother of one turning stone-faced could well be the indication of a split. She said to Sam, “I’ve been angry at you.” While she does not reveal much after that, a voice-over proclaims that the duo will have to sort out some serious issues.

According to Daily Mail, the serious issue to consider for Snezana may be her nine-year-old daughter, who is at a distant school. Sam is a fitness entrepreneur who runs children’s exercise business Gecko Kids. The place is out of Victorian capital and he may not be ready to sacrifice his business at this stage of life.

The teaser mentioned Sam talking about Snezna having a daughter, which has to be taken into consideration. “There are big questions going through my head,” Sam said. “It’s not just Snezana that I need to consider, she also has a nine-year-old daughter Eve.”

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While Sam and Snezana remain the point of concern of tonight’s episode, the other girls on “The Bachelor Australia” will be taking on each other. Rachel, one of the intruders of the show, said, “Nina’s got no concern, she eats junk food and she’s trying to get a guy.” As Nina puts it, “’I think he certainly likes strong independent women.” She gets a reply from Rachel, “What about someone that’s passionate about health and fitness, like he is?”

Tune in to find who is going to win over whom at “The Bachelor Australia.”

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