Is There A Possibility Of ‘Tyrant’ Season 3?

Is There A Possibility Of ‘Tyrant’ Season 3?
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There are so many award-ready dramas made by FX that are up for cancellation any season. People are still not sure if there will be “Tyrant” season 3 since there are still not enough news that can confirm such.

“Tyrant” season 1 had its good and bad moments for sure but season 2 was more dramatic and engaging. There are speculations that the show will not be renewed for a third season but there are reasons to believe it will actually be.


The first reason why we feel that there will be another season of “Tyrant” is the ending of season 2. In the final episode, Jamal got assassinated by his daughter-in-law, while throughout the whole season, Barry went through a character change. Now that he is a strong character he will try to support his late brother’s reign or support Caliphate. This change in character gives a clue that more is coming.

“Tyrant” season 2 was also watched by a lot of celebs, and the list of endorsements can keep the show alive. Stephen King, to be particular, likes the show and his opinion matters a lot. The showrunner and writer Howard Gordon has created a huge success. The writer has a knack of picking shows that catch on and he might be interested to continue the drama.

There are so many good shows that have fallen short in popularity and were not continued in the past. Whether or not there is a future for “Tyrant” season 3, it will be confirmed soon.

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