Is Oppo R7 Plus A Better Smartphone Than The Galaxy Note 5?

Is Oppo R7 Plus A Better Smartphone Than The Galaxy Note 5?
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Oppo is the brand that is slowly yet steadily climbing the ladder of success. The brand is also manufacturing products that has full potential to beat all the leading brands available in the market. Oppo R7 Plus is one of those smartphones.

Competition! Competition! Competition! Where brands are busy fighting each other for the #1 spot, consumers are busy enjoying great products at low prices. Smartphone users now have a wide variety of products to choose from depending on different factors like:


i) Price
ii) Features
iii) Looks
iv) Specifications

Whereas Samsung and Apple are in a cut-throat competition, there is this another brand that is quietly peeping in. Oppo smartphones are not as spoken about as Samsung smartphones are. But as they say, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race.” Oppo seems to be winning the race. Oppo R7 is a smartphone that has full potential to beat iPhone, and here comes Oppo R7 Plus with the potential to beat Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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This latest phone from Samsung has been a big disappointment for people who had chosen this South Korean brand over Apple for its external storage option. Without considering what the buyers want, Samsung chose to skip microSD card slot this time. When it comes to Oppo R7 Plus, customers get 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage with 128 GB expandable memory.

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Oppo R7 Plus has a massive 4100 mAh battery. Galaxy Note 5 couldn’t keep up to this as well. The latter comes with 3000 mAh battery. Samsung is also known for bigger screens, but Oppo seems to have beaten the brand here as well, as R7 Plus is 6 inches while Galaxy Note 5 is 5.7 inches. Though the screen is not that big, when it comes to resolution, the South Korean manufacturing giant wins.

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Speaking of the camera, Oppo’s has 13 megapixels while Galaxy Note 5 is 16 megapixels. The camera quality does not solely depend on megapixels, though, so if you are looking for a phone with expandable memory and are confused about which brand should you switch to, then Oppo is the answer. Oppo R7 Plus, to be specific.