Is Microsoft Aiming To Be ‘iOS’ With ‘Windows 10’?

Is Microsoft Aiming To Be ‘iOS’ With ‘Windows 10’?
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Microsoft’s latest devices, Lumia smartphones as well as Surface Book and “Surface Pro 4” have been competing with different Apple products in the market. And none of these are less capable than any other high-end product. As we mentioned in one of our previous articles, Microsoft’s strategy is to go slow yet make steady progress which seems to be working fine for the company.


Windows 10 became an instant hit among users as soon as the latest operating system started rolling out. What is the reason behind its success? People are more attuned to smartphones than desktops today. Microsoft decided to bring an operating system that has mobile-like features. Yes, it upgrades automatically! Yes, it has apps! Yes, it has its own browser! And yes, it is the best Windows till date.

Taking the success into account, Microsoft decided to cash on its popularity and launched products that run on Windows 10 so the old operating systems can be slowly pushed out of the market. Now, the company also started convincing users to try Microsoft Edge, its own browser, rather than Chrome or Firefox. I am sure Microsoft will come up with advanced features for Edge that will offer benefits to Windows 10 users. At the launch of Windows 10 devices, Microsoft also confessed that it dreams of turning every Windows device into a Windows 10 device. To turn this dream into reality, the brand has made Windows 10 installation automatic for Windows 7 and 8 users.

In a statement given to The Verge, Microsoft said, “We aren’t speaking to future branding at this time, but customers can be confident Windows 10 will remain up-to-date and power a variety of devices from PCs to phones to Surface Hub to HoloLens and Xbox. We look forward to a long future of Windows innovations.” Now doesn’t that sound like Apple’s strategy? iOS 9 was rolled out with some irresistible features and every Apple device was made iOS 9 compatible. At least today, the scenario looks like Microsoft is experimenting what Apple is successfully implementing. And the strategy is none other than to capture the whole market with just one powerful operating system, may it be for gaming devices or for smartphones.

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  • Eyal Engelstein

    It has a good chance in pulling it off if it keep improving the touch interface and manufacture phones a la caliber of the surface line. It’ve already generated positive buzz with its latest hardware and windows 10. Once surface brand becomes as strong as MacBook/iPad, Microsoft could very well make once unthinkable comeback.

  • Scott Humble

    Microsoft’s ambitions are much, much larger than iOS could ever hope to be. They are using a single core OS across everything from PC’s to smartphones to Xbox One to IoT devices. Apple now has completely separate platforms for Mac, iPhone/iPad, Watch and TV. Think economies of scale and ask yourself which company will benefit over the long run. By converging platforms with common API’s, Microsoft will be able to realize more consistent service delivery with less maintenance and increased agility. The compounding effect for this strategy will be a key strategic advantage for Microsoft well into the future.