Is Kayne Buik The Chosen One By The Bachelorette Australia Sam Frost?

Is Kayne Buik The Chosen One By The Bachelorette Australia Sam Frost?
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The countdown for “The Bachelorette Australia” has already begun. It’s less than ten days before the show starts its telecast but we may already have a winner. Kayne Buik, one of the 14 men on the show vying for the attention of Sam Frost, has given hints that he is the chosen one.


Buik fell in love with the lovely lady on the show. He has a tattooed red rose on his hand which may be a serious indication that he was chosen one by the lady. He recently uploaded a picture on his Instagram profile showing his bare hand with the rose tattoo.

Kayne Buik, 25, is from Mandurah, Western Australia and he has quit his job to move to bigger and better things. Though he has not revealed the real reason for this decision, it can well be assumed that he wants to live closer to his love. The hint was given four weeks ago just after the show was wrapped.

He wrote on social media, “Last day of fifo [fly-in fly-out] for a very, very long time! Bring on the better things in life :).” Dave Billsborrow, fellow “The Bachelorette Australia” contestant, joked by saying, “I don’t get it. What’s with the rose?”

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You will be witnessing Kayne in a much trimmed avatar on the show, which was missing just a year back. He has reduced weight in the last year and now he looks absolutely fit and handsome. Did his body or charming smile won over the heart of Sam Frost on the show? It will be revealed in “The Bachelorette Australia.”

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