Is ‘Blackberry Priv’ An ‘iPhone 6S’ That Runs On Android? Read On To Know What Is Blackberry Upto

Is ‘Blackberry Priv’ An ‘iPhone 6S’ That Runs On Android? Read On To Know What Is Blackberry Upto
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Will “Blackberry” be able to beat Apple with its upcoming smartphone “Priv?” The brand is at least aiming at it. And who knows with time, it might get success in claiming back what it lost a few years back.

Looks like with the launch of “Blackberry Priv”, the Apple vs. Blackberry war is going to start once again. Before Apple took the tech world by storm, Blackberry was undoubtedly enjoying a loyal customer base while manipulating the business class. Blackberry was back then a status symbol, just like Apple products are today. Is Blackberry back in the market to take the revenge?


Blackberry was pushed out of the market because it did not change with time. And Apple offered people everything they wanted at that time – a business phone, status, class, style – everything! Time has taken a U-turn now. Even though Apple is not out of the market yet and is witnessing whopping sales with every new launch, the fact cannot be denied that the number of flaws and bugs iOS devices are experiencing, the time is not far when Apple will have no demand in the market.

Come a brand that delivers products better than Apple, and iOS users will soon be seen switching to other devices, just like some of the customers did when Samsung offered them $100 to return their iPhones and buy its latest Galaxy phones.

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Blackberry Priv is not just competing with iPhone 6S, but is coming to the market with specifications better than that of Apple’s. Where iPhone 6S sports a 4.7 inch screen, Blackberry Priv is said to be having 5.4 inch display. Even when it comes to rear camera, iPhone 6S is still at 12 megapixels while Blackberry Priv will don a 18 megapixel camera. Coming to the processors, Blackberry Priv will run on Snapdragon 808 while iPhone 6S runs on A9.

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Other specifications and whether Blackberry introduces any new feature with Priv will be known only as the phone hits the market. Even if Blackberry fails to impress iOS users, it can definitely start by establishing itself as Apple for Android users.

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  • Ronald

    Does the author of this article really believe that the Priv is a direct competitor to the iPhone..Blackberry just needs to sell phones that’s all.
    I rate this article 1/10