iPhone Users, The Wait Is Now Over – WhatsApp Web Comes To iOS

iPhone Users, The Wait Is Now Over – WhatsApp Web Comes To iOS

The web version of the most popular instant messaging smartphone app, WhatsApp, is now coming to iOS. This service was long made available to other operating systems like Windows, Android and Blackberry.


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It is a known fact that iPhone has platform limitations which make it difficult for services to be available to its users. Google Chrome users have been enjoying this web service since January. But now, the service can be enjoyed on your iPhone.

How to use whatsapp web on iPhone?

Go to web.whatsapp.com, scan the QR code which gets generated automatically and chat with people who are available online from their desktops. Here is a video tutorial.

WhatsApp’s website added iPhone to the list of devices that support the service, which was spotted by a Reddit user.

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How to check if the service is available on your device

To check if you have the feature already, go to WhatsApp, then Settings, and then see if WhatsApp Web is on the list.

It seems that the feature is still in the process of becoming available to all iPhone devices. Maybe this is why it has not yet been announced. But you can definitely check and start using the feature if it has come to your device already.