iPhone SE Not Selling Well? Apple Hopeful For iPhone 7 Killer Features

iPhone SE Not Selling Well? Apple Hopeful For iPhone 7 Killer Features
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Apple is reportedly having problems with its iPhone SE lineup as its sales remain sluggish. According to reports, Apple suppliers claimed that the company is looking into reduced production for the April-June period. Is the iPhone SE failing?


Things are not looking up for iPhone SE as Apple is reportedly working on reducing produced units. According to IBNLive, Apple is not planning to manufacture large volumes for the iPhone SE as overall sales slump. For instance, Apple sales for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus also prompted the company to reduce production for the January-March quarter.

Specifically, the company lowered it to as much as 30 percent starting from the year-earlier period. Japanese Apple suppliers were reportedly told that the company will sustain the reduced output level for the present quarter. Some of the affected suppliers include Toshiba (memory chips), Sony (image sensors) along with Japan Display and Sharp (crystal display panel).

However, Forbes reported that while sales may not be as grand as previous Apple products, it can still be noted that iPhone SE usage is growing at a steady but slow pace.

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“When comparing the SE to the iPhone 5c the iPhone install base is probably two times larger if you assume the 896 million cumulative unit sales has the same percentage of active devices vs. the 421 million that had been sold by September 2013. For the 6 Plus the install base is about 60% larger and for the 6s Plus it is 15% larger,” writes Chuck Jones for Forbes.

Even with such news, Apple does not seem to be slowing down as it will reportedly release newer phones in the coming months. According to Techno Buffalo, the company may trade the iPhone’s aluminum for “all glass” design in 2017. The new feature will come with an AMOLED display. According to well-known KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this year’s iPhone 7 can come with a comparatively familiar form factor.

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