Apple News: The New iPhone 7 Will Not Bend

Apple News: The New iPhone 7 Will Not Bend

A video of the new iPhone 7 was released this week, showing how the former weak spots of the older iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were strengthened. Find out what else the video says. Watch it below.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’ release last year were plagued with a controversy where people claimed the phone models actually bend easily under normal use.


The issue, now known as “Bendgate,” became a hot topic with videos of experiments on its possibility surfacing on the Internet.

Apple denied the claims and according to MacRumors, the Company only had 9 complaints at the time of the controversy.

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Now the good news is, Apple seem to have addressed this concern.

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Stronger points for iPhone 7

A video from Unbox Therapy came out showing the new iPhone design. Rumored to be called iPhone 7, depending on who you’re reading, the new design was shown to be “ever-so-slightly thicker, which will avoid any kind of bending,” as Fortune puts it. The rear shell appears to be stronger than the older version.

“The phone’s back panel in the video is 138.26mm x 67.16mm,” the report went on.

The areas of the volume buttons are also thicker, making it look stronger.

It is also rumored that the new material to be used for the new iPhone is a 7000 Series anodized aluminum, MacRumors says.

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Rumors have it that the new iPhone, or iPhone 7, will be similar-looking to the iPhone 6.