iPhone 7 Rumors Say It’s Boring, Gear Up For iPhone 8 Instead?

iPhone 7 Rumors Say It’s Boring, Gear Up For iPhone 8 Instead?
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The secret is out, and it is pretty clear from iPhone 7 rumors that it’s not going to raise any eyebrows this year. Designed almost exactly as its predecessor, iPhone 6 & 6s, it seems like iPhone 7 is going to be a huge disappointment as far as novelty goes.


Even though Apple has built its reputation by launching magnificent and never-before-seen tech in its new gadgets, that trend is dangerously plunging downhill, according to recent rumors surrounding iPhone 7. Even though there are a few upgrades in the upcoming iPhone 7, it basically seems more like a remake of iPhone 6 & 6s than anything else. It has the same built, size and width, and features, reports CNET.

The only specs that did not exist in its earlier models are a dual camera on the back, the absence of headphone jack and the physical home option, introduction of the Smart Connector, and the relocation of the antennae bands. However, most of these changes will only be available in the iPhone 7 Plus (or Pro) model and not its regular version, which is a further blow to iPhone 7’s appeal.

John Falcone, a tech expert, has commented on the “boringness” of iPhone 7, saying that with Apple’s iPhone sales plummeting fast, it needs another jaw-dropping innovation to win its edge back in the market. It seems iPhone 7 is not it. So this makes it clear that iPhone 8, rumored to release sometime next year, is probably going to be the saving grace for both Apple and fans.

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With speculated specs such as TouchID sensor, edge-to-edge display, a much thinner model and higher app integration, iPhone 8 is the real innovation people should keep an eye out for, reports Expert Reviews. This “all glass” iPhone might be something users should look out for, as opposed to the upcoming iPhone 7, which hardly has any fresh new tech to offer.

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