iPhone 7 Rumors: Next iPhone Will Protect Displays With Airbags

iPhone 7 Rumors: Next iPhone Will Protect Displays With Airbags
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Here comes another set of iPhone 7 rumors. There is still a lot of time for the next Apple smartphone to come to the market. Right now, the company’s focus is to increase the sales figure of iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus.


But Apple fans are focusing on iPhone 7 already, and the industry is giving them exactly what they want. So, here comes the latest iPhone 7 rumors.

As per a report published by GeekSnack, a patent application from Apple published in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office yesterday discloses that it is planning to bring airbag protection to iPhones. We all know how easily the screens of iPhones break, and all Apple users want is a solution to this.

As the iPhone 7 is said to be the next in line, the iPhone 7 rumors are that this might be the smartphone to integrate this new technology to protect the speculated sapphire display. These airbags will be made of buoyant materials that will also keep the phone safe from water. Since iPhone 7 will be the first phone to integrate airbags, it is also said to have a higher price tag.

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GeekSnack also mentions that what we are calling airbags is technically not an airbag, “as in the patent listing they are described as being made from materials like foam, plastic or even rubber.” Motorola is bringing a tougher phone with shatterproof screen, Droid Turbo 2, and the Sony Xperia series is known for its water-proof build. So why is Apple not bringing these technologies to their phones at a cheaper price?

Only after Apple officially announces iPhone 7 and this technology then will we be able to analyze it. Is it worth it or not? Wait for 2016.

Tune in for more iPhone 7 rumors coming your way.