iPhone 7 Release And Features: New Dramatic Design, Ultra Fast Li-Fi To Kill Wi-Fi

iPhone 7 Release And Features: New Dramatic Design, Ultra Fast Li-Fi To Kill Wi-Fi

Apple just released the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus variants, but the iPhone 7 is getting the attention as early as now. According to reports, the smartphone will have a new dramatic design and possibly the new Li-Fi technology that can kill the Wi-Fi. Will the iPhone 7 be a killer?


There have been many speculations about the iPhone 7, but a video from iPhone-Tricks.de reveals a new and futuristic design. The concept shows off an Apple iPhone with borderless display while running on iOS 10. The team behind the design also thinks that Apple will use a 5.4-inch, 2048×1080 pixel display with the home button already integrated into the screen.

The design goes in line with previous speculations that Apple will be getting rid of the headphone jack entirely. It also shows off a new concept involving Apple dropping off the Lightning connector in place of a new USB-C charging port.

On top of this, Apple has been reportedly working on a revolutionary data transfer technology that reaches up to 224GB per second under lab conditions. This has spurred assumptions that the iPhone 7 may come with Li-Fi technology, which is 100 times faster compared to Wi-Fi. A report from AppleInsider said that Chase Fromm uncovered information about Li-Fi under the iOS 9.1 code.

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The references can mean that Apple is working on the possibility of debuting the iPhone 7 with a new data technology. To emphasize what the iPhone 7 can bring to the table, the Li-Fi technology can allow users to download multiple HD movies in no more than two seconds under lab conditions. According to the report, the iOS 9.1 library cache file cites Li-Fi functions on top of software and hardware descriptions.

As with other leaks and assumptions, people should take everything with a grain of salt. Apple has not released any details about the iPhone 7 yet.

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