iPhone 7 Release Date: Next Apple Flagship Comes With No Frills

iPhone 7 Release Date: Next Apple Flagship Comes With No Frills
iPhone / iOS Gonzalo Baeza / Flickr cc
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What's This?

The iPhone 7 release date is imminently upon us and Apple is ready for the backlash. With a handset carrying minimal changes, the question on how it will be accepted in the market is in the air.


Hardly Impressive Changes

By now, most have probably heard from the grapevine that the iPhone 7 will be fairly similar aesthetically to the iPhone 6s. The minimal changes include the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack, bigger starting storage, an improved camera and the change in the home button, Forbes reported.

The handful of changes are far from impressive. But the fact that it is the latest iPhone on the market, it may still be an option for most smartphone buyers, 9to5Mac pointed out. It tends to ask once again, should you buy or wait for the iPhone 8 due in 2017?

There will be consumers wanting to still get one mainly because it is the new iPhone model in the market. Some may resort to an upgrade, selling their old device and adding up a couple of bucks to get the latest model.

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Buyers who plan to get an iPhone for the very first time could bite the Apple deal, technically indicating that there will still be folks wanting a piece of the handset. The sales numbers may not skyrocket but Apple will still get sales.

The Price Of Holding Off

Right now, Apple is holding off for a major change set for the iPhone 8. Rumors suggest that it will be a total redesign, which tempts many to think twice before getting an iPhone 7.

To the ordinary buyer, the choice could be simple. But for Apple users, it is not easy to fend off temptation each time the Cupertino company comes out with a new model.

That said, the iPhone 7 may be limited as far as features are concerned. Saving off for 2017 is easier said than done. Apple is taking a big risk with the coming iPhone 7 but all of that may have already been factored in when they did their numbers crunch.

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