iPhone 7 Release Date, Latest Updates And Upgrades

iPhone 7 Release Date, Latest Updates And Upgrades

The new iPhone, rumored to be called iPhone 7, is set to be released in September. The date is also predicted, which might fall on a Wednesday. Here is a summary of all the news we have of the new iPhone model so far.

iPhone 7 release date

An English Chinese website reported that the rumored phone’s release will be a lot sooner than the traditional month of Apple’s phone launch the past years.


According to Economic Daily News, the new iPhone is under production already and that there are supply-chain sources that have attested to it. So it’s slated to come out by August, instead of September.

Macworld UK believes otherwise. On their website, their Apple experts believe that the final iPhone 7 release date will be once again in September, and that the date will be on September 9, a Wednesday. This is following a pattern for the previous models and quoting Buzzfeed in their report.

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iPhone 7: The real name and specs

The name for the new model is still unknown as Apple has not yet confirmed the rumors that iPhone 7 is the next batch of phones it’s producing.

The rumored upgrade is the Force Touch, and unlike the previous releases which only added a couple of features, the new iPhone 7’s update is worth jumping for.

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Two iPhones in 2015

There are also rumors of two iPhone models being released this year. It’s possible that there’s the first batch for its 4-inch models and another for its bigger screen, MacWorld UK says.

To kill for processor

The new iPhone’s processor will be supplied by Samsung. The A9 chips will be, according to a semiconductor industry analyst, Srini Sundararajan, “to kill for”. Performance-wise, people are clamoring for such an upgrade of course.

Will the batteries have longer life?

Unfortunately, it seems to not be part of Apple’s priorities. According to the rumors, the new models will have 1510mAh to 1715mAh battery power.

Finally, the screen size

Apple may be considering a good upgrade for its 4-inch line up, which according to reports, is the more loved size for an Apple phone.

More on it here.

There you have it. So far, these are the early predictions about the new iPhone. Will you be buying a bigger or a smaller screen one? Join the discussion below.

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