iPhone 7 Release Date: Apple Launching New Flagship Soon?

iPhone 7 Release Date: Apple Launching New Flagship Soon?
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One analyst is now saying that Apple should look at releasing the upcoming iPhone 7 sooner rather than later. This is because an earlier release over a later one would be better not just for the iPhone but for the Apple brand itself.


In today’s smartphone market, competition is tight to say the least. Not only does Apple have to battle it out with the likes of Samsung when it comes to delivering a gadget that’s got the most high tech new features and even the coolest new looks, the tech company also has to do all this while justifying a price point that’s relatively higher than competition.

Research analyst Seth Golden pointed out Samsung has already rolled out its C5 and C7 smartphone models in China recently. C5’s main competition is Apple’s iPhone 6 and it’s retailing for $366, while the iPhone 6 with similar storage costs $649. Meanwhile, the C7 is priced at $427, while an iPhone with similar storage capacity is $849.

Compared to other smartphones that are also in demand in the market today, iPhone is absolutely not cheap. To make things worse for the company, its launch is also later than competition.

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In an article for Seeking Alpha, Golden wrote: “I would be looking to speed up product launches in favor of delaying them. As BlackBerry found out years ago, delaying product launches is generally a bad idea.” He says whenever you set a product launch to a later date, your brand ends up becoming “stale and somewhat forgotten.” Is this what’s going to happen to Apple and its iPhone?

With iPhone 7 yet to launch, Samsung as well as other major players in the smartphone market are happily claiming market share, as they offer products that have been newly positioned to cater to both regular and emerging markets. Samsung, for its part, has been promoting its products aggressively with the help of network carriers AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. As for Apple, it has only shown one thing so far, that’s it experiencing a “lull” in the company’s product cycle.

Nonetheless, Golden personally wants to see what the iPhone 7 is all about despite Samsung’s tempting offers. “I’ve enjoyed my Apple iPhone experience and I’m willing to wait a bit longer to see what the iPhone 7 has in store before making a final decision,” he explains.

As for Apple shares (AAPL), however, he prefers to hold off on investing until the iPhone 7 is presented and a sales report is delivered. Apple’s stock is up slightly Thursday by $0.71 or 0.718 percent to $99.65.

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