iPhone 7 Photo Leak: iPhone 6 With Larger Camera?

iPhone 7 Photo Leak: iPhone 6 With Larger Camera?
iPhone 5 and iOS 7 / iOS Olle Eriksson/ Flickr cc

Can’t wait for the iPhone 7? What if it looks just like the iPhone 6? A new photo leak seem to suggest just that.


The latest leaked photo of the iPhone 7 appeared similar with its predecessor when it comes to physical appearance. But if the photos and rumors can be trusted, the iPhone 7 experience will make you forget the iPhone 6 in an instant.

According to 9To5 Mac, the leaked image has provided a clear view of the device’s back, which suggested that it will also be a 4.7-inch iOS phone.

Basing on the image, it can be surmised that iPhone 7 will have the redesigned antenna lines which are sleeker and smaller compared to iPhone 6s’. Still, the differences are not clear to the eye.

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Apart from this minute change in the design, the successor of the 6s model from the American tech giant is rumored to have a better and larger camera hole, around 25 percent wider in diameter than the unit that precedes it.

Another expected redesigning of iPhone 7 is the removal of the headphone jack which reportedly got controversial as some iPhone users think that it is not a good decision. Amid its absence, the new device will reportedly just rely on lightning cable headphones or Bluetooth-enabled headsets for audio output.

Despite this somehow not-so-good move, it was learned that the upgraded iPhone might already be dustproof and waterproof!

In the meantime, Mac Rumors revealed several expected features of Apple iPhone 7 in its roundup few days before the unit’s photo leaked.

The tech site already hinted then that its design will just be similar with that of iPhone 6s except for the redesigned antenna bands even if the processor of iPhone 7 will surely be upgraded.

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  • JesseJames

    With no 3.5 I will pass on it. It is still a standard
    connection on most equipment and Bluetooth has proven to not be 100% reliable.
    With my job (IT) I heavily rely on the 3.5 to test equipment, and without it I
    will be moving away from Apple. Also the idea to make people carry around an
    adapter for 3.5 is ridiculous. If you are going to invest the time to make an
    adapter to go with it, they must still believe that it is a popular connection.
    I feel it is an oversight and a mistake to not build it in.