iPhone 7 Latest Rumors & Release Date: iOS 10 Not Ready For September Debut?

iPhone 7 Latest Rumors & Release Date: iOS 10 Not Ready For September Debut?
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A working unit of the iPhone 7 was recently shown off where most probably took notice of the blue shade plus the other features many have come across in recent months.


That includes features like the iteration of the 3.5 mm jack, the highly touted bigger camera, the change in the home button and the re-positioned antenna. Most of the changes are believed to have been done internally, with reference to the processor and the improved storage capacity.

iOS 10 On Board Or Not?

Until now, the belief is that the minor-tweaked iPhone 7 would be coming out with the iOS 10. Neurogadget points out that the leaked version of the Apple flagship was not linked to their new operating system.

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It is possible that Apple has not yet applied the finishing touches to the iOS 10. The set launch date on Sept. 9 is still weeks away so the Cupertino company may be holding it off.

On the angle of not seeing the iOS 10 on the iPhone 7, that is something that hard to believe. iOS 10 is technically one of the new selling points of the next Apple flagship so excluding it may all the more dampen customer interest.

Is iPhone 7 Worth Buying?

While the real score behind the inclusion of the iOS 10 may not be a big deal for now, it begs to ask an earlier question on whether customers should get the iPhone 7 next month.

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It is believed that some will still get hold of the Apple flagship but mostly because it is the latest model. Other than that, consumers who place high emphasis on features both inside and out will likely hold off and wait for the redesigned iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 is expected to be the major redesigned model coming in 2017.

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