iPhone 7 Latest News: Wireless Charging, Laser Auto-Focus Confirmed?

iPhone 7 Latest News: Wireless Charging, Laser Auto-Focus Confirmed?
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While there seems to be no end to the latest iPhone 7 news, certain hints have been dropped along the way, especially in the latest image leak showing the possibility that the iPhone 7 might include wireless charging and laser auto-focus.


Amidst repeated news of how Apple’s iPhone 7 seems to be an exact clone of its predecessors, the iPhone 6 and 6s, some of the iPhone 7 latest news suggest that it might have some unique features that turn out to be saving graces. One of these features is definitely the inclusion of a laser auto-focus located between the flash and the camera lens, reports 9To5Mac.

While Apple has failed to do away with the bulge of the camera lens on iPhones, something that has been accomplished by its rival, it has accomplished other feats when it comes to camera features. After it was disclosed that the iPhone 7 Plus will include a dual camera lens, there seems to be good news pouring in for iPhone 7, too.

The 4.7-inch model will have an additional hole between the LED flash and the camera lens, which is going to act as a laser auto-focus to help the camera capture better pictures under dim lights.

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Another never-before-seen feature that might be debuting in the iPhone 7 is wireless charging. The Verge has been digging around the internet and discovered pretty interesting facts. Apple has been acquiring engineers from the well-known company called uBeam, which has been working on developing wireless charging technology using ultrasonic sounds.

Even though the fascination with wireless charging has always existed in the tech world, no company has been able to dispose of the charging cable completely. However, if a report by Bloomberg is to be believed, Apple’s goal is to develop a tech that lets one charge the iPhone even while roaming around one’s apartment.

Apple has already been able to endow its smartwatches with wireless charging. Hence, it would not be surprising if iPhone 7 becomes the first iPhone to support this technology.

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