iPhone 7 Features: How to Listen To Music While Charging Apple’s New Flagship Smartphone

iPhone 7 Features: How to Listen To Music While Charging Apple’s New Flagship Smartphone
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The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are officially out and there is no 3.5 mm jack as expected. While the intent is well and good, it now begs to ask how one can charge and listen to music at the same time.


With the brunt of it all falling at the Lightning port, everyone knows that adding wired earphones with the aid of an adapter is imminent. But what if the iPhone 7 is running low on battery?

Unlike before, a 3.5 mm jack can easily waylay that. iPhone owners can simply charge their device and plug in their earphones/headsets without worries. All that has now changed, meaning you can only do one.

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Bluetooth earphones could solve the issue

A recourse would be to turn to wireless earphones or headsets. There are several options available in the market right now, but this means shelling out additional cash.

On the part of Apple, you can do so easily by getting a pair of AirPods. Some view it as a cash-in from the Cupertino company though it does offer a new take on what Apple can do to stylize individuals. It somehow comes close to Samsung’s Gear IconX which was launched last month.

Apparently Bluetooth is the way to go. It could be through earphones, headphones or even portable speakers. It may seem a lot for most but is a change that should not be treated as something stressful.

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The only good thing to see from the removal of the traditional jack is that it did make the latest Apple flagship thinner. Looking forward, many are hoping that some new form of recharging technology comes forth.

Will wireless charging happen?

Everyone knows that Apple’s rival companies have set up provisions for wireless charging. The Cupertino company has not yet offer the same but could have one in the future. Digitimes reports that they may be working on such though seeing that happen may take more time.

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