iPhone 7 Camera is Planning To Replace Your Expensive Professional Cam

iPhone 7 Camera is Planning To Replace Your Expensive Professional Cam
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iPhone 7 is the next hot property yet to be launched. Galaxy S7 was also in the news for many new features and also for its camera. The smartphone turned most of the expectations into reality. Will iPhone 7 do the same? This smartphone from Apple is also in the news for rumors, suggesting a change in the design and now also for its camera. Yes, iPhone 7 camera has been in the news for a while. Here’s why:


Rumors say that Apple may bring a dual-camera system to iPhone 7.  This technology is coming from an Israeli startup, Corephotonics and “promises optical zoom with no moving parts, while also allowing for better noise reduction that’s not available on current phone camera sensors,” reported CNET. The report further mentioned, “Back in 2014 at Mobile World Congress at Barcelona, Corephotonics had told CNET that phones featuring its technology could appear in the same year, but two years have passed with nary a word. As cool as the dual-camera technology is, the delay is certainly frustrating, especially for the tech geeks who want something cool and new.”

As we are already in 2016, it is high time that smartphones adopt this technology and who else can do this than Apple? But the problem now is, not everyone can rejoice as even though iPhone 7 camera adopts a dual-camera system, it will be available only on the expensive models. iPhone 7 and other expensive models? Isn’t iPhone 7 already going to be expensive? Yes, it is and then there is another version of this phone, the iPhone 7 Plus which will come with dual-camera and charge you more than iPhone 7.

Have a look at the iPhone 7 camera technology here. This technology is said to be excellent for capturing professional photographs. With the price tag that this phone will come along with, it is safe to say that Apple is looking forward to replacing professional cameras.

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