‘iPhone 7’ And Microsoft Surface To Be Powered By Intel Chips

‘iPhone 7’ And Microsoft Surface To Be Powered By Intel Chips
Intel Logo Jiahui Huang / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

None of the companies involved have given official statements on the rumors that “iPhone 7” and Microsoft Surface will be powered by Intel Chips. Intel has till date been the leading player when it comes to powering desktops and laptops. If these chips come to your smartphones, you can imagine how drastically the performance of these palm-sized devices would be. 


According to a report published on VentureBeat, Intel now has a team of 1000 working on this project. The report further mentions that the sources close to the matter say, “Intel is pulling out the stops to supply the modems for at least some of the iPhones Apple manufactures in 2016. This phone will likely be the iPhone 7.” The report also says that Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich during a earnings call has said that “Intel’s 7360 modem will start shipping by the end of the year, and that new products using the chips will begin showing up next year.” Apple has by far depended on Samsung and TSMC, a chip maker for iPhone 6S‘s A9 chip. Partnering with Intel will make the process a lot easier for Apple as it will not have to depend on its competitors like Samsung for a part as important as a chip. 

There are also rumors that Apple may actually dual-source LTE modems from Intel as well as Qualcomm for the upcoming iPhones. By collaborating with Apple and Microsoft, Intel seems to be playing it safe as these the phones in-demand today. VentureBeat’s report claims that Intel has been lagging behind in the mobile chip market when compared to Qualcomm, and with the hopes of capturing the market, it is partnering with tops brands like Microsoft and Apple.

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