iPhone 6s Combines Apple Watch Features

iPhone 6s Combines Apple Watch Features
Apple Store Håkan Dahlström / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Image from Flickr by Håkan Dahlström

The next Apple iPhone, rumored to be the Apple iPhone 6s, will come with a Digital Crown similar to what will be seen on the Apple Watch. The next generation of iPhone will also come in rose color.


Apple iPhone 6s with Digital crown

The next Apple iPhone will have a Digital crown with integrated Touch ID and Sense Button, according to 3D rendition designer, adr studio. Designer Antonio de Rosa called his rendition the New Apple Phone.

Photos of his new Apple phone design showed a device with body as thin as 6.9mm. The slim measurement was made possible by a combination of aluminum ceramic and glass, according to the description.

The next Apple phone speculated by many as the iPhone 6s will be the first smartphone to have a Digital Crown and a Touch ID sensor integrated with the Home Button function as seen from adr studio designs. Sense Button is a new set of sensors that catches gestures and movements, adr studio said.

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The next Apple phone will also have a Retina HD+ high density screens to as much as 2560 by 1440 resolution. It will have about 4 million pixels that will be reflected by Multi Touch Screen made with sapphire double-layered canvas.

The vibrant design is said to have the effect on the emotions of users. The colors can lighten up the mood of the device owner.

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Rose iPhone 6

Another 3D rendition designer, Martin Hajek, made an iPhone 6s that matches the color of the Rose Apple Watch.

The design made by Hajek also showed a much slimmer iPhone. The model was showed side-by-side with an Apple Watch to have a clear visualization of how the iPhone 6s will look.

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