iPhone 6S And 6S Plus Unveiled At The Apple Event – Are They Really New Age Smartphones?

iPhone 6S And 6S Plus Unveiled At The Apple Event – Are They Really New Age Smartphones?
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Apple unveiled not just one, but two smartphones at the Apple event yesterday – iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Are these phones really what we expected them to be? Read on to know more about the latest iPhones.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, called iPhone 6S and 6S Plus “the most advanced smartphones in the world” at the Apple event yesterday. The company has definitely made some of the noteworthy changes to their latest smartphones like changing its color to rose gold. There are many more additional features that Apple has brought to their smartphones which were also demonstrated at the iPhone event. Here is everything you need to know about the new iPhones:


How does 3D Touch work?

3D Touch helps you see the preview before you actually open the website, or any other function on your iPhone. Supposed there is a new mail in your inbox and you have no time to open it and go through the email thoroughly. Just firmly press on the email to launch a preview. You can also use this feature for previews of webpages, flight details, etc.

Sounds good? But if Wired is to be believed, there is a downside to this feature. The review on the website says:

“The problem with 3D Touch is that you never know where the hidden menus are—some apps don’t support it, neither do some menus, and you never get a hint. So you’re forced to hunt around looking for this buried treasure, which I’m worried I’d just stop doing after a while.”

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Having said that, the USP of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus’ 3D Touch is that it uses data only for what you are actively using on your smartphone.

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iOS 9

The new smartphones unveiled at the iPhone event on September 9 will run on Apple’s latest operating system iOS 9, an operating system that is known to be Apple’s best till date. Battery with additional settings, split view, improved Siri and ad-blocking are some of the features that this operating system was looked forward to for.

Apple’s payment plan to upgrade your iPhones

Customers who buy their new iPhone through Apple will be eligible to get their phones upgraded every year. The plan will start at $32 a month. Only time will tell how this payment plan actually works out.

Display Size

People who love bigger displays can go for iPhone 6S Plus as it sports a 5.5-inch screen which is bigger than the Samsung’s Galaxy S6 screen (5.1 inch). But when it comes to iPhone 6s, Apple disappoints you as the screen is just 4.7 inches.


Where iPhone 6s will cost you $200, iPhone 6S Plus will cost you $300 and will come with a phone contract.

There is nothing about these new iPhones that would make Android users switch to iPhone, or that can put them into the category of “new age” smartphones. iOS 9 is definitely something we can look forward to, but with Adblock Plus introducing an ad-blocking browser which is better than what iOS 9 is offering, we wonder how long this operating system will be something that excites the tech market.