iPhone 6 Plus Reportedly Bends Unintentionally when Subjected to Pressure

iPhone 6 Plus Reportedly Bends Unintentionally when Subjected to Pressure

iphone%206%20bends iPhone 6 Plus Reportedly Bends Unintentionally when Subjected to PressureFor quite some time now, several models of curved smartphones are making a mark in the discerning market. If you think the new iPhone 6 Plus has the same feature, you are wrong. The new phablet from Apple is not supposed be like that.


Several disappointed owners of the 5.5-inch device are flocking online forums and the social media to vent out their concerns about their new discovery. According to their complaints, their iPhone 6 Plus were bended after being in their back pockets for some time.

One of those users posted an actual picture of his bended iPhone 6 Plus in the MacRumors forum, which is focused mostly on Apple devices. The user disclosed that he kept the new smartphone in his pants pocket for up to 18 hours while continuously sitting.

Actual experiment goes online

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A group called Unbox Therapy got so curious about this issue that it tested if the complaint has a basis. It then posted an online video to demonstrate and prove that the device is really a hazard specifically to users who wear tight pants.

On its conclusion, Unbox Therapy reiterated that iPhone 6 Plus is still an aluminum smartphone.  The group asserted that the material naturally bends when applied with enough pressure. It said that as a huge piece of aluminum, the device is also incredibly malleable.

What to do now?

So what can the owners of iPhone 6 Plus do to avoid this problem? Some experts recommend using a protective case that is specifically designed and manufactured for the phablet. This way, according to them, the gadget could be kept at its tip-top condition.

There is just one setback to using that, though. Aside from spending an added amount to buy the accessory, users would have to deal with the burden of the extra bulk, especially because iPhone 6 Plus is an airy device to begin with. As of press time, there is no similar complaint yet about the smaller sibling of iPhone 6 Plus—iPhone 6. The two new devices were launched and released simultaneously this month.