iPad Pro, Siri-enabled Apple TV, 3D Touch, Apple Pencil – Did Apple Present ‘Old Wine In A New Bottle’ At The iPhone Event?

iPad Pro, Siri-enabled Apple TV, 3D Touch, Apple Pencil – Did Apple Present ‘Old Wine In A New Bottle’ At The iPhone Event?
Apple Store Håkan Dahlström/Flickr CC BY 2.0
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What did Apple give you at the Apple Event? Is iPad Pro a tablet that is already available in the market? Are brands manufacturing voice-powered products that are better than Siri-powered Apple TV? Read on to know more.

Apple has rarely been about Innovation, and the iPhone event does not look any different.  The company has always launched products or services that are already present in the market, but with irresistible packaging and an unexpectedly high price tags. At the iPhone event, the brand launched a number of products with new features – iPad Pro, Apple TV, 3D Touch, to name a few. Read on to know which brands have already tried and tested the products/features that Apple unveiled on September 9.


Siri-powered remote control

Everyone is going gaga over the new Siri-powered Apple TV’s remote control. This technology though looks like something that has never been experienced before, but we would like to inform you it is not. Roku, a streaming video pioneer, had released an improved version of its own voice search service earlier this year. Google and Amazon are also not new to voice control services.

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iPad Pro

iPad Pro is a convertible with a 12.9-inch screen. Convertibles are not new to the market. After Samsung launches its 18.4 inch Galaxy View tablet, there will be no demand for this “monster” tablet with a display size of 12.9 inches. Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet is also almost the same product. It offers you a large screen with a physical keyboard.

Apple TV’s 3D Touch

Sensel has already launched an advanced touch technology gadget known as Morph. This gadget is also pressure-sensitive just like Apple TV’s 3D Touch. The only difference between these two touch technologies is that where Sensel Morph is an accessory that is compatible with desktops and iPads, 3D Touch will be an in-built feature.

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Apple Pencil

We have used a stylus before. This technology is definitely not new to us. When touch screen phones entered the market, they came with stylus. Apple is bringing this outdated technology back with a new name – Apple Pencil. And if we speak of the stylus market, there are companies like 53 and Wacom that are doing excellent jobs in this field.

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It is safe to say that Apple products that have been unveiled at the Apple event are nothing more than “old wine in a new bottle.” There is no product or feature that we haven’t used or seen earlier. We can just hope that Apple will be doing it better than the others.