iPad Pro A Confused Gadget; Apple Should Have Launched A New MacBook Air Instead

iPad Pro A Confused Gadget; Apple Should Have Launched A New MacBook Air Instead

iPad Pro or MacBook Air? Which one would you buy if you are to invest into a gadget for work? A gadget that is neither a desktop nor a tablet? Or a proper desktop? Read on to know whether you should buy the iPad Pro or not.

iPad Pro has just been launched and no one seems to be happy with it. Apple has tried to come up with a gadget that is more than a smartphone and a little less than a computer. That is what tablets are, anyways. Then where did Apple go wrong? It seems that the brand could not strike a perfect balance between the two.


First, the tablet was promoted as a “monster” tablet that sports a 12.9-inch screen. With Samsung launching Galaxy View that dons a whopping 18.4-inch screen, Apple cannot claim to be the one that launched a tablet of an abnormal size. What Apple failed to understand is that the iPad Pro looks more or less like an assembled computer where every part is separately charged.

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If you are among the ones who are not comfortable using just the touchscreen, and feel the need to have accessories like keyboard and a stylus, then the iPad Pro has already made arrangements for you. You can invest into an iPencil that will cost you around $169 and a keyboard that will cost you $99.

Retina Display and iOS 9 with features like ad-blocking and split view do not fail to impress, but launching a MacBook Air with these features would have been a better option. Buyers always like to invest into gadgets that they are sure of. With iPad Pro, the problem is that not even the company is sure what exactly they wanted to manufacture – a normal tablet, a smaller version of desktop, or a bigger smartphone?

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iPad Pro might have been designed with enterprise users in mind. But this group of people are the ones who would definitely invest in a MacBook than tablets with larger screens. Tablets are without a doubt improving, but till date they have not been able to beat computers. So coming up with a gadget that is neither a smartphone nor a proper tablet is going to turn out to be an unwise decision in the long term.