Iowa Caucus Results: Ted Cruz Wins Over Donald Trump; Hillary Cinton Wins Over Bernie Sanders By A Fraction Of A Margin

Iowa Caucus Results: Ted Cruz Wins Over Donald Trump; Hillary Cinton Wins Over Bernie Sanders By A Fraction Of A Margin
Ted Cruz Gage Skidmore / Flickr 2.0
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Iowa Caucus Results: Will Ted Cruz finally get the GOP nomination? It seems like the Iowa Caucus is slowly leading him to his much-yearned-for victory, especially against Republican co-nominee, Donald Trump.


The Iowa Caucus results are out and the Texas senator stunned the Trump party with a win.

He, however, still sees Trump as the only barrier blocking his way to the presidency. LA Times reports that Cruz’ party still sees Trump as a big “foe.”

According to the report, “Ted Cruz’s campaign views Donald Trump as its only obstacle to winning the GOP nomination and plans to repeat its Iowa play in the upcoming primaries and caucuses.” This came in from Cruz’ top aide amid the victorious win over Trump.

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Senator Marco Rubio of Florida came in third in a surprise finish.

Ted Cruz had 27.8% while Donald Trump had 24.4% in the Iowa Caucus results. Marco Rubio had 23.0% with Ben Carson gaining 9.3%.

Too much words

Cruz took the stage to deliver his speech. This, however, went on longer than expected. People like Ed Morrissey went on tweeting, “This speech by Cruz has been going on for 25 minutes now. Even the audience seems to be losing steam.” More Twitter users are joining in to comment on the length of Cruz speech, saying it’s definitely not one of his best speeches.

Hillary Clinton in a “virtual tie” with Bernie Sanders

Meanwhile, in the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton proved that her campaign had good effect on the first caucuses, leaving Bernie Sanders behind. However, The Gazette reports a small fraction of .8% gave her the victory. Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland came in third with only .5% of votes.

That small margin became Sanders’ point against Clinton, proclaiming they are practically winning together. In a speech to his supporters, as noted by CNN, Sanders went on to say, “It looks like we are in a virtual tie.”

O’Malley quitting

Amid the failure to even get a point on the Iowa Caucus, O’Malley, according to reports, is planning on suspending his campaign. After failing to gain traction in the Iowa Caucus, a person close to the campaign team declared the possibility that O’Malley’s road to the presidency is now coming to an end, as reported by The Gazette.

The Iowa Caucuses had a big turnout despite the “threat of snow” and icy roads, according to LA Times.

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