iOS Jailbreak Alternative: Why Not Zestia Instead of Waiting for 9.3.2 Hack?

iOS Jailbreak Alternative: Why Not Zestia Instead of Waiting for 9.3.2 Hack?
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What's This?

Zestia is a simple solution that may suffice for iPhone and iPad users for now, particularly the ones who have been longing for an iOS jailbreak. Zestia holds no risk that could place mobile phones in sensitive situations covering security or even voided warranties, which makes it a good iOS jailbreak alternative.


For those who are hearing Zestia for the first time, it was formerly known as X-Cydia. It is considered a best alternative to stock iOS but may fall short for folks who have gotten used to iOS jailbreaks in the past.

Pangu might release the iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak on Friday though the chances are not that high. If nothing comes out, Zestia is a worth a shot for those who are looking for iOS jailbreak alternative.

Easy to Install

One good thing about Zestia is that it is something that is easy to install. All you have to do is follow certain steps and you are good to go.

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The first thing that users will have to do is download it at and then install it on your device via Phone Radar. From there, users are urged to proceed cautiously.

Once the Zestia download is complete, simply open the setup page of the profile and click on install. Be warned that you may be asked for a password. Value Walk advises that should this happen, press the Home Button on your iOS device and find the Zestia icon on your Home Screen. Do not tap it.

Select and adjust Trust options

Wait for Zestia to load. Once it does, you can select from the applications available and choose the one you would want to install. The process is no different from how one would do it on the App Store.

After choosing and installing the app, users will need to do one more thing. Head on over to your phone’s settings, hit General and select Profile. Look for the app you just downloaded and open the trust option and click it on the modal box. That’s it!

Compared to iOS jailbreaks, Zestia does come with limitations. Seeing that a crack may take some time to prosper, this is the closest (and safest) that iPhone or iPad users can turn to for now. Watch the video below for more information about Zestia.

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