iOS 9 Has Been Released; Get To Know Its Features Here

iOS 9 Has Been Released; Get To Know Its Features Here
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After waiting for a long time, iOS 9 has finally been released. Have a look at the list of confirmed features.

The tech industry has been eagerly waiting for the release of iOS 9, and this latest operating system from Apple is finally out. Since the time we got a hint of Apple working on an advanced operating system, there have been talks about the features this update will bring to iPhones and iPads. As iOS 9 finally releases, let us have a look at the features that are no more a speculations or rumors.


Battery details

iOS 9 will provide battery details to its user – from the remaining battery percentage to how much battery a particular app is using. There are two battery features that do two different jobs. One is a battery widget and another is battery usage. Go to the Notification Center’s Today view to get the details of battery percentage, not just of the iPhone but also of the Apple Watch connected to it.

To know which apps are eating up your battery in the background, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage. you will find all the details here.

Bug fixes

Apple devices faced some major issues due to bugs like hacking and poor performance. WiFried, Fried, iOS lockscreen vulnerability, and automatic pulling of audio streaming from Home Sharing are the issues that have been fixed in iOS 9. So we hope your device will not get hacked and will also perform faster.

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Apple News

Apple News has a good number of publications from where the news gets pulled from. With Apple News, the content from major publication houses can be accessed offline as well.

Quick messaging and calling

On iOS 9, there is no need to open the contacts list to call or text someone. Search a contact using Spotlight and you will see icons that allow you to call or message that particular contact directly.

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There is more to iOS 9 than just the features listed above. Do not forget that it is a whole new operating system; hence it is bound to come with a big list of advanced features.