iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak, Cydia for iOS 10 Confirmed? Pangu Has Cracked the Code, Know Release Date Here

iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak, Cydia for iOS 10 Confirmed? Pangu Has Cracked the Code, Know Release Date Here
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iPhone and iPad owners who have been longing for an iOS jailbreak may have just gotten a big breakthrough thanks to the efforts of the Pangu group.


Pangu co-hosted the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) 2016 in Shanghai with PoC from Korea, and the highly anticipated jailbreak was on the agenda. The folks on hand were curious to see if Pangu had finally found a crack of the iOS 9.3.2 or iOS 9.3.3. Instead, many got a better answer in the form of a working iOS 10 jailbreak according to Techno Buffalo.

iOS 10 jailbreak revelation

The attention on the iOS 10 jailbreak saw Cydia running on the next Apple mobile operating system slated this Fall. A demo “One More Thing” took the limelight, showing off an iPhone running on Cydia on iOS 10.

Based on the photos you can see at Superphen, Cydia worked normally on the iOS 10 and was even a frequently used app via the Siri App Suggestions widget. From the looks of it, Pangu did extensive work to integrate Cydia with the next Apple mobile OS.

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Is there a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2 or not?

As far as the iOS 9.3.2 and 9.3.3 is concerned, there is no telling if Pangu does have an iOS jailbreak planned, Twitter user iOSGod showed off bullets of the things going down at MOSEC 2016, and that included an iOS 9.3 jailbreak that would be allegedly released later that day.

Assuming that Pangu does have an iOS 9.3.2 or iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak ready, it may be futile once the iOS 10 is officially rolled out. With most phones likely encouraged to update to the said version to address bugs and offer more fixes, iOS 9.3.2 or iOS 9.3.3 may end up a thing of the past.

Should Apple be alarmed?

As for the alleged iOS 10 jailbreak, it may be wise to bear in mind that Apple has yet to roll out the operating system. The Cupertino company has surely taken note of Pangu’s claim and will likely try to figure out how the group was able to do it.

Will Apple be able to patch things up and thwart yet another iOS jailbreak last seen on iOS 9.3.1? We will see in the fall.

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