iOS 8 Reportedly Causes Wi-Fi Sluggishness and Faster Battery Draining

iOS 8 Reportedly Causes Wi-Fi Sluggishness and Faster Battery Draining

ios%208 iOS 8 Reportedly Causes Wi Fi Sluggishness and Faster Battery DrainingFor some of those who immediately upgraded to the recently rolled out iOS 8, this may come as a familiar issue. Some disappointed users are complaining about how they encounter sluggish Wi-Fi connection immediately after upgrading to the new mobile operating system update.


Most of those users post their complaints and rants to the Apple forums over the weekend. According to them, the problem is imminent on their iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina display after the iOS 8 update. Some users of the newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus also complain about the same problem.

Possible bug

Apparently, a bug may be causing sluggishness using the Wi-Fi network following an upgrade to the update. Some users may encounter longer time posting or uploading photos in their social networking apps. Opening websites in Safari may also take longer than usual. However, when users shift to the Internet service of their network providers, things may instantly speed up.

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Thus, some of those disappointed users are opting to temporarily use their old iOS devices with iOS 7 until Apple announces a fix to the iOS 8 bug. Unfortunately, users could not revert to iOS 7 once they upgrade to iOS 8. That is why many experts suggest waiting for some time to upgrade to new iOS versions to make sure Apple has already released fixes to bugs that are present upon release.

Battery draining issue

However, the reported sluggish Wi-Fi performance is not the only issue related to iOS 8. Some users are also complaining about faster battery draining. According to some complaints, their battery now drains from 100% to zero in as fast as just 4 hours even with minimal usage of the device.

This is not the first time for iOS devices to encounter the same issues over sluggish Wi-Fi connection and battery performance. In April 2010, the original iPad came with reported Wi-Fi problems. Just last August, Apple offered to replace batteries of a percentage of iPhone 5 units that were bought within a period from September 2012 to January 2013.