iOS 8.0.2 Coming In A Few Days As Apple Yanks iOS 8.0.1 Hours After Its Release

iOS 8.0.2 Coming In A Few Days As Apple Yanks iOS 8.0.1 Hours After Its Release
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ios 8 iOS 8.0.2 Coming In A Few Days As Apple Yanks iOS 8.0.1 Hours After Its ReleaseAs of this writing, Apple has already issued a statement that it will release an iOS 8.0.2 update “in a few days” for the broken iOS 8.0.1 that Apple pulled back just hours after it was unleashed this Wednesday. Apple recognized the problem and assured users that they were seeking solutions to the issues. The Cupertino firm also outlined a how-to guide for users to downgrade to iOS 8 again.


Apple’s iOS 8.0.1 update for its latest mobile OS was supposed to fix problems concerning the Phone app, videos not playing/loading in Safari, glitches in the keyboard, sharing issues, and loading profiles in VPN but users who updated their iDevices to iOS 8.0.1 instead discovered they could not connect to their cellular network and the Touch ID on their devices now do not work at all. It seems that the iOS 8.0.1 update fixed some of the problems but also created new and more severe issues for users.

When Apple released iOS 8, a lot of early adopters ranted in forums about how the new mobile operating system caused Wi-Fi connectivity problems and excessive battery drain. As mentioned before, iOS 8.0.1
did not include fixes for these issues rather the update concentrated on other problems Apple engineers encountered in their lab long before iOS 8 was released. It is not uncommon for developers to release the Goldmaster version of their software as they continually work on the software thus providing the users the necessary updates they may need. In this particular case, developers at Apple found these glitches and they knew users would eventually encounter them so they already had the iOS 8.0.1 update ready for release. Unlucky for them, their latest update created a slew of issues they did not foresee.

If you are part of the unfortunate ones who updated to iOS 8.0.1, you can go to Apple’s help site where they posted the guide on how to downgrade your iDevice back to iOS 8. The user will need a pc or a laptop with iTunes installed to do this. Bad luck for users who do not have either as the restore can only be done through iTunes on these devices and will not work if done on the iDevice itself.

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