iOS 7 Now Operates on 85% of Existing Apple Devices
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ios7 iOS 7 Now Operates on 85% of Existing Apple DevicesNot surprisingly, more iOS users are now in iOS 7, the latest version of the mobile operating system for Apple devices. Just this week, Apple Inc updated its allotted supported page for developers through posting new adoption figures for iOS 7.

According to the company, the new mobile OS is now running in 85% of Apple devices—iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch units. This came six months after the company rolled out iOS 7. At the same time, Apple released data about the status of older versions of the OS. To date, only 12% of users are still operating on iOS 6, while just a minimal 3% still opt to run on iOS 5 and/or other older versions of the OS.

Rising adoption rate for iOS 7

Apple’s iOS 7 adoption rose in December when the company posted that about 74% of Apple device users had already installed the new mobile software. Back then, about 22% of the users were still on iOS 6, while about 4% were into older iOS versions.

The new statistics from Apple are just in line with latest information that was recently released by Chitika, a third-party online ad network. In that data, it was indicated that iOS 7 was running in over 80% of Apple device users across North America. The data were released earlier this month.

In its report, Chitiika also said that about 12% of Apple device users had already installed iOS 7.1, which is the latest version of the mobile OS. The information came just two days after the release of iOS 7.1.

iOS 7 and its launch

It can be recalled that Apple released iOS 7 in September. It came just a few days prior to the official launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. During the release, the company said iOS 7 would only be compatible with iPhone 4 and newer handsets and iPad 2 and newer slates. The OS is also compatible with fifth-generation iPod touch and iPad mini.

However, just a few days after the release of iOS 7, many early adopters complained about the setbacks of the new program. Among the issues they used to complain were involving battery draining issues, motion sickness incurred from the layout, and major security flaws. However, after a few months, such complaints dwindled.